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Malinka Max developed commitment to excellence in her teen years when she first started her clothing production out of one bedroom apartment back in St Petersburg, Russia. Every t-shirt and sweatshirt had to be up to “Ralph Lauren standard” as she called it. 

Fast forward to more recent years, Malinka founded Malinka Productions Inc which produced many of the most sought after events in Miami. Every detail of event production, from concept to execution, was carefully crafted and honed to be the most visually stimulating spectacle of the year. Working in social environment helped Malinka to build an enormous network and lay foundation for many opportunities to connect people in various areas. While producing events at private mega mansions, Malinka discovered appreciation for architecture which paved the way  for real estate to became her new passion.

Malinka founded a real estate investment company, Solid Deal. With commitment to excellence in customer service, vast network of professionals as well as in depth experience in the real estate industry, Solid Deal is exactly what it says it is. Whether you looking for the home of your dreams, wanting to sell, trying to avoid foreclosure or dealing with probate - Solid Deal professionals are here to help. 

Call Malinka and her associates at 305-723-9990 for a free, no obligation consultation. 

Solid Deal will be happy to provide a free property appraisal. Call us now: 305-723-9990 or email your inquires to: 

Want to know more about Malinka? - please visit 

On her free time she loves to workout, paint, explore new Spas and Resorts that cater to wellness and health lovers; test out new health products and ideas on how to make life better and healthier. 

Having positive outlook and what seems to be abundance of energy serves her well in reaching goals and staying young. As she likes to say: be an encourager, in this world there are too many critics already!



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