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Malinka Max is a well-known Miami socialite, respected philanthropist and a taste maker that many reach out for help and advice in all aspects of life. She created her innovative production company in an effort to elevate the standard of luxurious events in Miami, FL and the world. Being a jet-setter has refined her tastes in a global view and transmits that into all of her opulent events. With her attention to details and no-compromise type of attitude – you know you will be getting the best.

Coming from artistic family Malinka studied creative and visual arts, painting and color theory in University of St Petersburg, Russia. Completed courses of Interior Design at UCLA and took Academic English and Finance at City College of San Francisco. 

With a heighten sense for latest trends and visual presentation she has become a target for luxury brands seeking her involvement as an ambassador as well as for their unique event presentation needs. For the past few years Malinka worked with luxury brands such as Rolls Royce cars, Chopard watches, world renown Opera Gallery, private villa-hotels Villazzo, The Billionaires Club, Young And Minted, and Reviv Wellness Spas and Spa Life to mention a few. 

Malinka facilitated success of now well known “Heart and Stars Gala” from day one and was on the board from very beginning to 2013. Was on the cover of “Style”,“Socialite”, “Hollywood” and “VIP” Magazines. Fashion contributor to City Deluxe Magazine in 2013, and wrote articles for Socialite Magazine in 2015, and designed special edition “Malinka Bag’ for O Bag brand for 2016 winter collection and currently contributing articles and coverage of Miami scene 2017 to Cosmopol Magazine. 

She is a proud Miami denizen who gives back to the community, being involved in charities such as the Ronald McDonald House, Boy Scouts of America, sponsoring private zoo to help raising happy tiger and lion cubs. 

Malinka believes that attending “right” social events and associate herself with carefully selected charities /organizations is what molds positive social/public persona people look up to and go to for advise. 

On her free time she loves to explore new Spas and Resorts that cater to wellness and health lovers; test out new health products and ideas on how to life better and healthier life. 

Art is still big part of Malinka’s life and she is not only producing popular events during Art Basel but also dabs at the canvas herself - check out for her art.

Having positive outlook and what seems to be abundance of energy serves her well in reaching goals and staying young. As she likes to say: be an encourager, in this world there are too many critics already!



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